Survey: Content Marketing In SEO 2014

All important facts, figures and opinions from the linkbird survey 2014

How important is Content Marketing to SEO?

As developer ofthe SEO Management Tool of the same name for high-quality, sustainable link building and content seeding campaigns, linkbird is confronted with this question – via our customers, partners and colleagues – on a daily basis. To arrive at an answer to this question and gain deeper insight into the importance of content marketing to SEO, linkbird has conducted a survey on the topic. More than 6,000 experts with an online marketing, e-commerce or SEO background were asked to voice their opinion. Over 500 experts have responded.

The results of this survey are available as an infographic

Content Marketing in SEO survey

...and as a free PDF report with

  • all relevant questions and answers from the survey
  • interesting, funny as well as surprising facts and figures
  • clearly arranged reports in graphs and tables
  • comments from numerous SEO experts on the topic
  • evaluation of the results from our particular point of view

In our PDF report you basically get to know everything you need to know about content marketing.

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Here comes an insight into the variety of opinions that our PDF report presents:

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