What happens when creating the first project in linkbird?

After having confirmed the free trial, the potential customer has to complete the first project wizard which is different from all subsequent.

Here is a list of things done automatically: 

1. Find Links is launched, so the tool doesn´t look empty;)

2. Brand Alert is created for own and first competitor´s brand. (Daily notification mail is also activated!).

3. Sitehunter job "Find links of competitors" is launched. (one job for all competitor domains that have been entered during wizard)

4. Subdomains are included (*.domain.tld).

5. Find new links automatically is activated.

6. User Settings, following checkboxes are activated:

  • Activate system email for currently offline links?
  • Daily e-mail reminder on due tasks?
  • Daily email reporting of new found links?
  • Weekly email reporting of the development?

When a second project is created these things have to be configured manually. When all projects are deleted, linkird will revoke to the first wizard.


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