How To Export Links From Search Console

How to export your existing links from Google Webmaster tools

  1. Log in to your Search Console account

  2. Click on Search Console

After you click Search Console you will arrive at the following screen:




3. Click on your website as highlighted in the image above and it will take you to your website’s dashboard:




4.   Expand the Search Traffic category and click on Links to your Site. This will open the following page:




5.  This page shows a summary of links to your site but in order to see all the links click on “MORE”, which will bring you to the next screen.




6. At the screen above click on “Download latest links”. It says latest links but it will download all online links.




7.  Choose CSV for easier import into linkbird.

For importing the links into linkbird refer to this FAQ or get in touch with your account manager and our support will do the import for you.

Happy linking!

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