What does "check link origin for forwarding" do?

If the location of a link has changed and the link origin is redirected, linkbird follows the redirect and finds the link during daily on/offline checks. Therefore the link is online, but as link origin still the original URL is stored. With the function "check link origin for forwarding" you can now save to the new URL of the link origin in linkbird.

The function can be found at the bottom of the link overview:


Here is an example:

A link used to be published on  aaa.com but has been moved bbb.com, but aaa.com redirects to bbb.com. The linkorigin stored in linkbird is aaa.com and during the daily on-offline check linkbird follows the redirect to bbb.com and finds the link. Performing the function "Check link origin for forwarding" will now update the link-record with bbb.com as linkorigin instead of aaa.com. Technically it makes no difference for linkbird as long as there is a proper redirect, but if it gets broken, the link will not befound. Therefore it´s always good to store the correct URL where a link is located.

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