Operation Of linkbird Alerts

The alerts enable you, to automatically monitor keywords on the Internet. The keyword will be searched in the following segments:



BVDW standard: In this area there are websites for publication of journalistic products (news, opinion, background articles, reports, etc.) the focus here is the journalistic product.

Examples: spiegel.de, zeit.de, sueddeutsche.de, focus.de, stern.de reuters.com, helmstedter-nachrichten.de, finanzen.net, onvista.de, ad-hoc-news.de



BVDW standard: The main concern of those who work here is regular publication of press-related products to a topic. Usually however the editors here pursue a certain purpose (eg. self- and / or contract Marketing).

Examples: WordPress Blogs, Blogger.com, Tumblr, LiveJournal, SaschaLobo.com, Spreeblick, Basic Thinking, Stadt-bremerhaven.de, Nerdcore.de



BVDW standard: Discussions, comments, hints and Smalltalk on a specific subject are in the foreground. Often the users know each other sufficiently over time. Forums are not only the places where users can obtain answers to their questions, but are also the sources where they can and want to give advice and where they exchange ideas with like-minded participants.

Examples: forum.golem.de, answer.microsoft.com, xda-developers.com, forum.tomshardware.com, kdgforum.de, reddit.com, forum.chip.de, forums.xbox.com, androidpit.de


Other Websites:

Examples: basf.de, microsoft.com, nespresso.com, hey-rott.de


If the Crawler finds  a mentioning, its URL is entered in the list of results - an update takes place on a daily base. You can be informed about that by email.


When entering the keywords (create new Alert) capitalization is generally ignored and only the exactly entered expression is searched. Special characters or spaces are accordingly considered part of the keywords.

IMPORTANT: Please specify a language! The setting "undefined" has the consequence that results are printed in languages that are not listed in the selection list.


You can define two different alert types:


1. Brand Alerts:

You can monitor your brand or the competition. The connection with a project is mandatory in this case: In the results it will not only be displayed if a link already exists on the corresponding URL, it will also be displayed if there are any links on the URL which are not yet saved in linkbird. By clicking on the "green plus symbol" the links found in this way can now be entered directly into linkbird:



2. Topic Alerts

General terms can be monitored as a topic alert. Depending on whether an assignment has been made to a particular project, the results will show if already links in general, or acquired for the optional associated project exist on this URL.



Of course, the results can also be filtered, for example, according to the above-described segments:


First information on how to use the Alerts appropriate in your online PR & SEO campaigns can be found in our blog.



canned are approximately 300 million online media, over 1,000 print media as well as the top 100 TV & radio stations in German-speaking countries. The set of sources is also not static, but will be extended to other sources daily. Currently, the alert Crawler focuses in on a good source coverage in the territorial entities where German is an official language, followed by the English-speaking and Central Europe region. Furthermore, our static set of sources extends automatically when our link analysis identifies further pages with relevant content.

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