Setting up an individual e-mail address

1. Settings for sending

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If you want to use an individual email address, please go to: Settings > Setup > Email Settings. Add  the domain of that address for verfiication:




After you have added the domain, you will find the DNS settings displayed, which must be deposited with the domain (usually your server administrator knows how this is done):




When this is done the verfication can take up to 48 hours. Once the domain is verfied linkbird automatically sends an email to the user that was created first and the status is changed. In addition a further button is shown under E-mail settings:



Now you can create your own e-mail address for this domain in linkbird - the number of addresses is not limited.  it is recommended to create an email address exclusively for the use with linkbird - please do notuse the login e-mail address as a sender address!

Important: Do not verify the email address yet (green button). This must be done after the settings for receiving have been made!!


2. Settings for receiving

After the new e-mail address has been created in linkbird, you must also set it up on your own server. In addition, a forwarding to must be created, because only then the responses can be received and processed in linkbird.

Once this is done, please click the re-check icon (green dot)! In the background linkbird sends out an email to verify the forwarding. If the forwarding functions correctly, the status of the e-mail address automatically changes to verified. The page is not dynamic, so you must hit F5 to update.



 When the email address is verfied you will see the following:


In the final step, create a sender profile with the newly created email address:


Please remember to hit Save and the new sender profile will be available in communication.

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