Wordpress Plugin

With our linkbird wordpress plugin you are able to transfer your content out of linkbird very easily to your wordpress installation. 

Therefore you need to connect your wordpress in our project wizard step "Apps":


How to install the plugin:

You need to comply with the following requirements to install the plugin:

  • Wordpress Version >= 3.0
  • PHP Version >= 5.2

There are 2 possibilities to install our plugin. To receive auto updates of the plugin, we hardly recommend to choose the first possibility!

Possibility 1 (RECOMMENDED): 
Install the plugin directly out of your wordpress under the navigation point "Plugins" while searching for "linkbird Content Marketing":


Possibility 2: 
If you are not able to install the plugin direclty in your wordpress, you can download the archive here: Start Download!

Please unzip the archive and upload the folder "linkbird-wordpress-plugin" via FTP to the following path: /wp-content/plugins/. Please make sure that the plugin files are reachable over the following paths: /wp-content/plugins/linkbird-wordpress-plugin/linkbird-content-marketing.php


After installing the plugin over one of the 2 possibilities you need to activate the plugin, what you can do here:


Afterwards you need to insert your personal installation token, which you got from the project wizard. The plugin is now successfully installed and you can transfer your content directly to your wordpress:


If you transfer the content to your CMS you can select important information like Post Type, Author or Categories. You are also able to activate automatic publishing. If you don't activate this option the linkbird plugin will create a draft in your wordpress. If you activate this option the linkbird plugin will create a scheduled draft which will go online at the selected date.

As soon as you publish your content in your wordpress, the new status will be send to your linkbird instance and the values content url and published date will be updated automatically. From now on we will track your content metricy on daily basis.

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