How can I make the Sitehunter fetch me results specific to my country?

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I have a project for a website in the UAE, and I would like to get results for relevant bloggers and websites to work with. The tool allows me to search in Arabic as well as English, which is great, but I would also like to know:

a. How can I really narrow the search down to websites ending in .ae?
b. How can I narrow the search down to websites using .com, but which are Dubai/UAE-based and relevant for me? .com is as popular as .ae for local websites.


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 Please click on "Add specifications" There is no specific google paramter for the country, therefore use:

a. URL shall include: .ae
b. "" as search engine and "URL shall include:" .com

This might also get you results for some pages based outside Dubai, but I think this is the closest you can get.


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