How to import contacts, page network (partner´s pages) and links manually

Under SETUP > Import you have several import options - the first one is Links. Before you import links, it is recommended to import Contacts and their Page network (Domains owned/administered by the contacts). linkbird then compares the domains in page network with the linkorigins of the links and if they match, the link is assigned assigned to the corresponding contact.


To Import Contacts go to: SETUP > Import > Contacts

The only mandatory field is "E-Mail address" (marked with an asterisk). You can also download your personal excel template, it´s much easier to sort and edit in excel than in the browser. Therefore prepare your data records in excel and when you are done, just copy them (excluding the first row!)  into your browser ´s import mask.




There are numerous values you can import along with a contact, please scroll to the right and make sure to import the domains owned / administered by the  contact:




In your excel template that´s column W:




The "Partner´s pages" are also referred to as "Page network" and can be imported separately:


SETUP > Import > Page network:




Again, you can download your personal excel template, which is an exact copy of the browser´s import mask. Mandatory this time: Contact (you can use contacts primary e-mail address or the contact´s name) and URL (domain).


Now import the links:

SETUP > Import > Links

Download your personal excel template, prepare your data and copy / paste them into the browser´s import mask. If there are more than 3000 Rows, please click the corresponding link and follow the instruction:



If there is more than one link located on a URL please check the corresponding checkbox, otherwise only the first link found will be imported.

Again, the fields marked with an asterisk (the first 4 columns) are mandatory. linkbird just needs the exact URL where the link is located and will automatically retrieve the the correct Link text and the Link target.

Make sure that the URL´s are correct (no space - or other none URL related characters), also check no other cells contain vertical spacing!

The column Date refers to the publishing date which can be altered, not so: the entering date for the link.

Hit "Start Import" at the bottom of the page and the uplaoad will begin.

After the import is done, the link origins are now being matched with your contacts´ page network, if a domain is recognized the link will be assigned to the domain owner (contact). To undestand how the data stored in the Contact Relation Manangement (CRM) is distributed within linkbird, please download:

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