The blacklist

To prevent a contact with specific web page or a particular person in the future you can use the blacklist. In there all your email addresses or websites which can no longer be contacted with linkbird are stored, resp. you will get an appropriate warning.

You can find the administration of the blacklists under:

SETUP > Blacklists

The following options are available:


Email addresses

If you try to write to a blacklisted Email address, this will be denied by linkbird.



In the Blacklist of domains individual reasons can be given, which in turn by assigning the colors yellow and red have different effects:


1. Yellow reason:

If there is a yellow marked domain in the desired link origin of a source, the source can indeed be saved,



but is provided with the following warning:


A contact by email is still possible.


2. Red reason

If you try to create a source, whose targeted link origin is on a red labeled domain,


so linkbird denies storing the source:


Also a contact via e-mail is no longer possible.

Furthermore, domains with a red reason are ignored in the Site Hunter results.

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