Text Orders Without "Own" textbroker Account

Using our Marketplace you can conveniently order texts for your content marketing. This article explains the exact process of a text order.

How to order a new text:

There are two ways to order a new text for content creation. In the Content Pipeline, you can click directly the link "New Order":



 Or manage the text orders directly in  the Content Details:



Simply fill the order form with the requested information and confirm after you have reviewed the costs and accepted our terms.

Explanation of the individual details:

Category: Choose the appropriate category for your text, in order to pass your order only to authors who are qualified for this topic.
Quality: Here you select the text quality, for a high-quality text we recommend 4 stars. If you need simple texts, also fewer stars will do.
Number of words Indicate how many words you want your text to be, minimum and maximum.
Order title: Give your order a meaningful title.
Briefing for the author: This information is very important for the job. Try as accurately as possible to write your specifications and ideas for the author. You will find useful tips on how to write a good briefing: 
Keywords: If you want your text to contain specific keywords, here you can enter them comma separated.

This is how your text order is being processed:

After you have confirmed your order, here are the next steps:

Order placed:

In this state, your order will be checked manually, whether it meets the guidelines. If everything is correct, the order is released. In this state you have the option to cancel without further notice.

Waiting for author:

Now your order is ready for a matching author to take the job. In this state you still have the option to cancel without further notice.

In Production:

Once an author has accepted the job, the order changes to this status. For writing speed we have the following rule of thumb: 1 day 500 words. If an author is unable to complete the order in time, it is taken from him and another author can accept it.

In this and all following stages you no longer have the option to cancel without further notice. If the supplied text does not meet your requirements, you have the option to request a revision. If the revision still does not fit your needs, you can request a full cancellation, which is then reviewed manually.

Text ready:

Once your text has been completely written by the author, the order changes to this status. About this status change you will be informed via email. You now have the chance to review the text for 3 days and to accept or request a revision. If you have not taken any action after 3 days, the text is automatically accepted and the order is marked complete.

Please note, that you may not use the text until you have accepted it!

If you request a revision, you will need to justify as precisely as possible, to avoid unnecessary loops. Once a revision is completed by the author, you will receive an e-mail.

Only after the author has completed the first revision, you have the possibility to request a full cancellation. You need to deliver detailed reasons for your request and it will be reviewed manually.

Text accepted:

The order is complete and you have all the rights of the created text - now it can be used on your website.


Once your text order is complete (Status: Text accepted), you will be invoced for the specified order the next day.

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